Classic Photos of Classic Cars

Photos From the Martin Smith Collection

All of these photos are from the collection of Martin Smith
These photos are copyright to him.

If you would like copies of these, they can be purchased from Martin by emailing


Photos from the Paul Smith Collection

Photos provided by Paul Smith of Malcolm Stewart. Now updated with additional photos of other competitors and events. Copyright is retained by Paul Smith


Photos from Tim Gibbes

Photos provided by Tim from when he competed in the Wairarapa Rally back in the 70s. The "accident" was on Admirals Road in the 1973 Heatway Rally, where he hit the Morris Minor (which was a spectator's car). The Minor was taken away in two pieces. Tim repaired his car and continued on in the rally from Hawkes Bay.


Photos from Warick Clayton

Photos provided by Warick Clayton, including some very early photos of Malcolm's career. Copyright is retained by Warick Clayton

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