Watch the Drama Unfold Live at the Daybreaker Rally

Press Release - 25 September 2014

Back in the days of the epic Daybreaker rallies, with a midnight start, you needed to be dedicated and perhaps just a little bit crazy if you wanted to be a part of the event and follow the action. In short you had to be there.

Fast forward a few short years and things have changed markedly. This coming Saturday, 27th September, if you want to be a part of the GoPro Daybreaker Rally, you can be anywhere at all and still see the action as it unfolds. All thanks to the power of the internet.

Live results are updated almost every minute thanks to the fantastic service provided by Using systems and software developed by Chris Parker in NZ specifically for rally events, this site is a wealth of information and statistics, allowing you to get up to the minute results. Something that was never achievable in the golden days.

Live action at last year's GoPro Daybreaker Rally
Photo Credit: Jody Seabright

In an effort to improve safety on the remote roads typical of a rally, a group of enthusiastic Australians invented RallySafe. While the in-car units provide information to the driver and co-driver, it is the specialised GPS tracking that allows rally headquarters to monitor the progress and status of every competing car. The benefit for the rally fan is that they can also follow the progress of every competitor via the web site. With the rally route traced onto Google Earth, each car can be identified and tracked in near real time, where the markers provide information on car speeds and stage times.

However it is the innovation of rallylivenz via the web site that is new to this year’s event. The TV team from the Brain Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, driven by Vinz, have been out on reconnaissance to find the best places to bring live coverage direct from the stages. Successfully trialled at the Vinz Goldrush Rally of Coromandel earlier in the year, the team aim to provide driver interviews as they exit the competitive stages, commentary and expert information.

As any motorsport fan will tell you, there is nothing quite like being there. The noise, the smell, the feel of power and high octane is an assault on the senses that has to be experienced in person. But for those who can’t be there, or who are getting soft in their old age, the era of instant internet provides the next best thing.

And it’s a certain bet that there will be numerous GoPro cameras out there capturing the images and sounds that go into the broadcasts. Bringing the exciting and unique angles that motorsport fans have come to expect and enjoy so much.

With 12 hours of competition, and 11 special stages covering 196kms there will be plenty to view and keep track of at the GoPro Daybreaker Rally. Make sure you keep involved through these web sites.,, and (search GoPro Daybreaker Rally)

All of the official forms and spectator information, including maps, are available at

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