Malcolm Stewart Classic Rally

Commemorating the achievement, commitment and respect that Malcolm Stewart left as a legacy to the sport of Rallying, Rally Wairarapa is privileged to honour Malcolm with the addition of the Malcolm Stewart Classic Rally as an integral component of this annual event.

Rural Wairarapa – Tararua north east of Wellington provides rally enthusiasts with some of the best roads in the NZ Championship. The undulating nature of the geography sees roads that mix fast flowing corners in sequences that enable rhythm to be achieved and thrill rear drive classic drivers who can demonstrate some spectacular driving. Added to the appeal of the terrain is the easy on gear surface that will only bite the over exuberant.

With the increased interest of Classic or Old School rallying, the Malcolm Stewart Classic Rally is poised to become an International attraction of note.

Recognising the interest from off shore competitors who already visit for quality events such as Otago Classic Rally and the bi annual Silver Fern, Rally Wairarapa has formed a annaul two round series with Otago to enable drivers to maximise their rallying while in NZ.

Two significant Trophies will be awarded to the winner/s of both the Malcolm Stewart Classic Rally and the NZ Classic Rally Series

Photo Credits: John Crouch                                                                      Jody Seabright

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